The market today is moving towards a digital economy driven by instant access to meaningful information. For companies to capitalise on this, they need to leverage their digital assets, data assets and legacy systems. The problem is that many companies have a challenge managing and accessing their data, which hinders access to business insight that would allow them to take advantage of the digital economy.

These are the problems SSA solves!

What is your digital strategy?

Is your business optimised for the digital economy?

Can your business deploy digital assets quickly?

How can you manage your data more efficiently?

How do you reduce risk and security challenges?

Are you able to make your data agile?

Does your data allow for meaningful business insight?

How do you move from operational to strategic information?

How do you enable advanced and predictive analytics?

Our Offering

Develop and deploy digital assets to leverage the digital economy. Define and execute on a strategy for digital transformation.

Trusted information that drives actionable business decisions and strategy.

Data quality, governance and specialised management that elevates data value through engaged systems.

Rich analytical insights for customer engagement and continued implementation of digital strategy.

Go Digital To Survive

of all safe haven markets will be subject to digital disruption by 2020.

of companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000 as a direct result of digital disruption.

of business-to-business purchases were made on digital platforms.

of CEOs believe the digital economy will have a major impact on their business; but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy.

“Disruptors don’t set out to beat you at your own game — they change the rules.” – Kai Riemer

Our Digital Offering

Our Capabilities

  • Strategic insight
  • Business review maing and analysis
  • Design and development of digital assets
  • End-to-end optimisation
  • Reporting and implementation management
  • Test and iterate deployment methodology

What We Deliver

  • Digital readiness report
  • Strategic digital framework
  • Transformation management
  • Increased speed to market
  • Managed implementation
  • Evidence of efficacy

Be Data Driven To Thrive

of marketers cite faster decisions as a benefit of using data.

of organizations are capturing business benefits from customer data.

of CMOs consider their team’s use of analytics to be sophisticated or cutting edge.

of marketers consider data the most underutilized asset in marketing organizations.

“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” – Arthur C. Nielsen, Founder of ACNielsen

Our Data Offering

Our Capabilities

  • PoPI reporting and Data Access Management
  • Database Management and Monitoring
  • Database Performance Management
  • Agile Data Delivery
  • Data Discovery

What We Deliver

  • High Performance Data Systems
  • Savings across IT and Business
  • Meet regulatory requirements on time
  • Secure, Trusted Data
  • Business Value and ROI

Engaged Data for Agility

of customer churn is preventable if issues are resolved at the first engagement, or in real time.

of all consumers would pay more for a better service experience.

of data is actually being analysed vs the current 22% of the information in the digital universe. By 2020, it could grow to more than 35%.

of data scientists view data preparation as the least enjoyable part of their work. They spend most of their time massaging rather than mining or modeling data in marketing organizations.

“We have to move at the speed of the customer, not at the speed of IT” – Andi Karaboutis CIO, Dell

Our Engaged Data Offering

Our Capabilities

  • Information Governance Catalogue
  • Real-Time Integration of disparate sources
  • Advanced and Predictive Analytics
  • Data Quality
  • ETL Services

What We Deliver

  • Good Information
  • Achieve Data Alignment
  • Timely Data-Driven Decisions
  • Trust in your Data
  • Rapid ROI

Insight to Transform

of business leaders say that achieving digital transformation will become critical to their organisations in the next 2 years.

of business leaders say the pace of technology change in their organisations is too slow.

said that digital transformation is a permanent fixture on their CEO’s agenda.

of employees feel that the shared vision of digital transformation from their CEO’s is the right thing.

“Lack of Urgency” was the major obstacle cited to achieving digital transformation.

Our Insight to Transform

Our Capabilities

  • Real-Time Integration of disparate sources
  • Data Science and Modeling
  • Advanced and Predictive Analytics
  • Data Quality
  • ETL Services

What We Deliver

  • Advanced Intelligence
  • Real Time access
  • Single Entry Point
  • Reduced Complexity
  • Future Proof and Digital



About Us


SSA was established in South Africa in 1991. The business holds strategic partnerships with leading enterprise technology providers including SAP and IBM.

SSA is managed by former executives of Sybase, SAP and IBM. The company specialises in digital transformation and information management solutions.


SSA has a long history with its heritage going back to its incorporation in South Africa in 1991.

Our clients in South Africa include three of the top four banks, two of the top four telecommunication companies, the largest retailer in the country as well as two of the top three insurers.


SSA’s offices can be found in Waterfall City; the new commercial hub of Johannesburg, South Africa.

As a part of its global market expansion strategy, SSA also has offices in Singapore and will soon expand its business to include offices in Europe.


Unique in digital and data services

SSA specialises in digital transformation and managing information. We believe in adopting flexible licensing arrangements and optimised engagement models to deliver true value to our clients. We focus on data, helping your organisation make quick executive decisions as well as digital, delivering quick wins for your business in the digital economy.

Extensive local experience

SSA has extensive experience in implementing and extracting insight from data, integration and analytics solutions as well as developing and deploying bespoke digital assets that generate revenue and increase brand visibility in the market. Our objective is to assist our clients to become data-driven digital enterprises.

Centre of Excellence

SSA’s consultants are certified on IBM, SAP, Delphix and a number of other solutions. We have dedicated support capabilities for our clients. SSA’s commitment to its client is demonstrated by the number of Managed Service engagements it has with major players in the banking, financial services, healthcare and retail industries.

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